Trajectum Lumen app

50 minutes (2.5 km)

Interactive guided tour for smartphones that takes in light art trail Trajectum Lumen

With an Iphone or Android telephone, everyone can have their very own guide to hand. This free and interactive app guides you through Utrecht city centre and to all 19 works of light art. The app also provides information about the works of art, artists and the city itself.

Using the GPS function and a dotted line on the map, walkers can easily take in the route. The app has been expanded with interesting facts about this medieval city and participants can test their knowledge about Utrecht with the special quiz.

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Locations on this route

Start point: Utrecht

Ganzenmarkt Tunnel

Ganzenmarkt 2
3512 GC Utrecht


Bezembrug 0
3511 AK Utrecht

City Hall

Ganzenmarkt 3
3512 GC Utrecht

Saint Willibrord Church

Minrebroerderstraat 21
3512 GS Utrecht


Janskerkhof 26
3512 AG Utrecht


Pieterskerkhof 5
3512 JR Utrecht


Pausdam 3
3512 HN Utrecht

Domstraat and Servetstraat

Domstraat 5
3512 JG Utrecht


Buurkerkhof 11
3511 KC Utrecht
End point: Utrecht