Castle Slot Zuylen


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3611 AS Oud Zuilen
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Slot Zuylen Castle is situated on the river Vecht in the tiny village of Oud-Zuilen near Utrecht, The Netherlands. Whilst retaining many of its medieval castle-like features it was converted into a country mansion in the 18th century. Its most famous resident was Belle van Zuylen (Isabelle de Charrière), writer of fame and feminist avant la lettre. Slot Zuylen opened its doors to visitors 60 years ago and has meanwhile acquired museum status. The past is recalled to life through guided tours, garden walks, concerts and special events.

Belle van Zuylen
Slot Zuylen’s most famous daughter is Belle van Zuylen (1740-1805). Also known as Madame de Charrière, she was a well-known writer and a feminist before the term existed. Her best known quote is “I have no talent for subordination”.

Gardens, terrace and museumcafe
Slot Zuylen is surrounded by historic gardens, which are perfect for relaxing strolls. One of the main features of the garden is its famous serpentine wall. In Spring and Summer there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy a beverage on the terrace. In the museumcafe you can enjoy a nice lunch. Guided tours are only in Dutch, translation available on paper.



Accessibility Visitors with a visual impairment No facilities Wheelchair users and visitors who have difficulty walking Facilities are not present Visitors with a hearing impairment No facilities Visitors with a guide dogs Not allowed