Pandhof Sinte Marie (St Mary’s Courtyard)


Mariaplaats 0
3511 Utrecht
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Between the buildings of the conservatory you will find Pandhof Sinte Marie (St Mary’s Courtyard), a remnant of the former Mariakerk (St Mary’s Church).

The 11th-century St Mary’s Church was one of Utrecht’s five collegiate churches and was one of the most impressive Romanesque buildings in the Netherlands. During the siege of Vredenburg Castle in 1576, however, it began to deteriorate, and after the chapter was disbanded in 1811 the church ended up being demolished in stages.

All that is left of it today is the cloister.

Flowers and plants
The open space or courtyard, together with the 11th-century cloister that surrounds it, is called Pandhof Sinte Marie, or St Mary’s Courtyard. This stunning green space is home to a beautiful flower, herb and butterfly garden. From plants associated with the Virgin Mary to Mediterranean plants, from medicinal herbs to old-fashioned garden plants: there is a lot to see at Pandhof Sinte Marie.

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