Soestdijk Palace


Amsterdamsestraatweg 1
3744 AA Baarn
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Soestdijk Palace was the residence of Prince Bernhard and Princess – later Queen – Juliana.

Soestdijk Palace was built in 1650. The then Mayor of Amsterdam had a country house built along the road between the villages of Baarn and Soest: ‘Hofstede aen Zoestdijck’. In 1806, King Louis Bonaparte took up residence in the palace; four years later, the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, took possession of it. After Dutch independence had been restored, the palace was given to William II of the Netherlands in recognition of his services at the Battle of Waterloo.

In 1937, the palace became the permanent residence of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard. Since Prince Bernhard’s death in 2004, the palace has been uninhabited.

Visiting Soestdijk Palace
Nowadays, the palace is open to visitors, and it is possible to take a look inside the royal residence. A visit will give you a good idea of how Juliana and Bernhard lived here. You can wander through the period state rooms as well as a number of private rooms. It is a unique experience, as the original look and feel have been preserved as much as possible.



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