Van Schijndel House


Pieterskerkhof 8
3512 JR Utrecht
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The Van Schijndel House was designed in 1992 by the architect Mart van Schijndel. The design took him six years; according to him, what made it so difficult was that he was designing his own home, rather than working for someone else.

However, he succeeded once again in coming up with a truly special building. The house’s most striking detail is the glass doors, which have no hinges, fixed in place only by a layer of silicone sealant.

In 1995, the ‘house of light and air’ was awarded the Rietveld Prize and, in 1999, the Municipality of Utrecht added it to its list of municipal monuments.

After Mart van Schijndel’s death, a foundation was established to maintain the Van Schijndel House.

Visiting the Van Schijndel House
The Van Schijndel House is occupied; every now and then, cultural events take place there, related to the architect’s ideas and work.

Every first Sunday of the month it is possible to arrange a guided tour by appointment (max. 10 people). A private tour can also be arranged on other days for a minimum donation to the foundation of 190 euro.