miffy museum


Agnietenstraat 2
3512 XB Utrecht
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A miniature world
The miffy museum enables young children to discover their world while they play - together with miffy and friends. The moment they enter the museum, children are immersed in miffy’s happy little world, which starts with her house. From there, miffy takes them on an adventure that invites them to discover the world around them step by step. Crawl, explore, sniff, dance, you learn so much more while you’re playing!

The rooms at the miffy museum are each dedicated to a different subject. The miniature worlds created in these rooms include miffy’s house and familiar everyday experiences such as going to the doctor and going to the zoo.

In the zoo at the miffy museum you can play with all of the animals no matter whether they’re wild or tame. Teach the parrots to talk and see if you can find the mice hiding in the wild animal enclosures.

When you go to the doctor, the doctor examines your eyes and ears. Or, since boric bear isn’t feeling very well, you can be the doctor and make boris bear feel better again. At miffy’s house you can bake a cake in the kitchen, mow the lawn in the back garden and put miffy to bed. Sweet dreams miffy! What an unforgettable adventure!

To make the experience complete, the facilities and transitional spaces at the museum are also dedicated to different subjects. Children picnic in the forest, imagine they’re on the beach in the toilets and fly through the clouds with miffy on the stairs.

Listen, watch, do!
The creative workshops in our art room are great fun. The art room is open daily and there are professionally supervised creativity workshops every weekend. Paint, stamp, snip, stick… Make something lovely and enjoy every minute of it!

Opening hours

  • dailyfrom 10:00 to 17:00
  • Closed on every Monday, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and King’s Day



Accessibility Visitors with a visual impairment No facilities Wheelchair users and visitors who have difficulty walking Facilities are accessible Visitors with a hearing impairment No facilities Visitors with a guide dogs Allowed