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3511 ZA Utrecht
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The Zocherpark is the green city park that surrounds the historical city centre. Covering a distance of five kilometres, you can enjoy charming walks that will take you past various places of historical interest.

Until the early 19th century, Utrecht was surrounded by medieval city walls. When the walls had deteriorated and had served no real military purpose for centuries, the central government gave permission for them to be demolished. The old defensive structures were replaced with a long, narrow park along the Singel. All in all, the project took more than 40 years, but the end result is a green city park with footpaths, trees and an open space with a bandstand by the Lepelenburg.

Accessibility information
Wheelchair access: +

Auditory/visual impairments: no special details
between Biltstraat and Lepelenburg: ++;
between Lepelenburg and Utrecht Central Station: +/-.

++ Accessible independently
+ Accessible
+/- Limited accessibility
- Not suitable for wheelchair users



Accessibility Visitors with a visual impairment No facilities Wheelchair users and visitors who have difficulty walking Facilities are accessible Visitors with a hearing impairment No facilities Visitors with a guide dogs Allowed