The Streetfood Club


Janskerkhof 9
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When you walk into the Streetfood Club, you walk into a happy place; it’s a mixture of luxury and street. From the comfy crazy chairs that you never want to get out of, to the old school hiphop banging out of the speakers. Everything is a contrast, but blends together in a cool way. The chefs like to take you on a food trip from the slums of Mexico to the streets of Bangkok, all the while sipping on the amazing cocktail concoctions from the master bartender.

Opening hours

  • every Mondayat 11:00
  • every Tuesdayat 11:00
  • every Wednesdayat 11:00
  • every Thursdayat 11:00
  • every Fridayat 11:00
  • every Saturdayat 10:00
  • every Sundayat 10:00