Parks & Gardens - Green oases throughout the entire city

In Utrecht, you'll find many gardens, courtyards and parks for soulful relaxation. From the hidden courtyards to the romantic Oude Hortus, and from such cosy parks as the Wilhelminapark and Park Lepelenburg, where activities are organised throughout the year. In this woodsy environment, you can go for great walks, play sports and have a picnic. There are pastures for animals, playgrounds, circuses and festivals with a cultural or culinary programme.

And there's also that idyllic place at the edge of the Science Park, with the sound of falling water and buzzing insects: the botanical gardens. These gardens are part of the oldest university gardens in the Netherlands and are located around the 19th-century Fort Hoofddijk. They form a dreamy festival location for the Beschaving Music Festival, the Tropical Butterfly Festival and the China Light Festival.