Stadhuis District

Utrecht's shopping secret

The smallest district of the city centre is the Stadhuiskwartier, which translates to town hall district. The Stadhuis District makes for a great meeting place as it offers plenty of sunny terraces, pubs, wine bars, café’s and restaurants on the Neude, the Oudegracht or the small square in front of the town hall. Small side streets such as the Schoutenstraat and the Korte Jansstraat also have plenty on offer.

Best kept shopping secret
Locals often refer to the Stadhuis District as the best kept shopping secret of Utrecht. It is considered the place to be for clothing, advice about wine, tea, jewellery, (Scandinavian) interior design, eyewear, literature and tableware.

What makes the shops in the Stadhuis District so special is that amongst them are a lot of family-owned businesses and specialised stores. The owners of these shops consciously choose for craftsmanship, service and quality, something which is palpable in the shops and the streets.

Library in the former post-office
The former post-office on the Neude is being transformed into a modern, multi-medial centre. The ‘Post Utrecht’ will feature the city library and a guarded bicycle parking, but also shops and a food-market.

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