Attractions of Utrecht

The old and the new

Utrecht's cosy centre is like an open-air museum where every brick has its own story to tell. The history of the city dates back to Roman times, with the Middle Ages also having undeniably left their mark. Utrecht is located on top of what was once the border of the Roman Empire. Countless houses, churches, monuments - and the characteristic wharves, of course - in the city commemorate that rich history. These days the city combines this its historic buildings with modern architecture, creating an interesting balance between the old and the new. 

Utrecht's surroundings are of equal historical importance. The city is surrounded by impressive citadels, forts and castles, including Kasteel de Haar, the largest castle in the Netherlands. Take a tour to the forts and hear the exciting stories of the New Dutch Waterline, or climb to the top of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug: the Pyramid of Austerlitz.


In Utrecht, centuries-old history comes together with modern architecture.


The heart of Utrecht's historical city centre. With the Domtoren, Domkerk and DOMunder.


The historic city centre of Utrecht is characterised by its many churches.


Utrecht is surrounded by various forts that are part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie.

Castles & country estates

There are dozens of stunning castles and country manors in and around Utrecht.