Bedroom secrets


De Haar Castle
Kasteellaan 1
3455 RR Haarzuilens
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Discover all bedroom secrets in newly opened (bed)rooms
In recent years, a lot has been renovated and restored at De Haar castle. In addition to the foundations, technical and interior restoration, a large number of rooms have also been overhauled and restored to their original condition. A time-consuming and intensive restoration. We are therefore extra proud that a number of special rooms have recently been completed. These rooms are now open to visit and added to the regular route. Discover all the secrets that lie behind these rooms.

The guests who stayed at De Haar castle during the traditional September month, were family members, friends, bankers, industrialists, writers, movie stars, directors and high and low nobility from all over the world. They stayed at De Haar for a few days or a few weeks. Some guests were given a room alone, others shared a room with their partner. If you were not a family member, staff member or guest the bedrooms were simply off limits.

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A limited number of tickets is available per day. For visitors who have a ticket for the castle, this means that they can enjoy the stories that De Haar castle has to offer in peace and with 1.5 meters of space. In addition, they have guaranteed space by booking in advance.


  • daily starting from February 10th, 2021