Toasties Truffles Trains at The Railway Museum


Railway Museum
Maliebaanstation 1
3581 XW Utrecht
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Who hasn’t been there? The catering service with coffee, the dreary station restaurants and the lukewarm snacks from a wall of vending-machines. Everyone who travels by rail in the Netherlands will be familiar with these. There is a long history of food and drinks being served at the station and aboard trains. And let’s not forget the luxurious restaurant cars in international trains, where the elite dined on caviar and truffles. The Railway Museum is integrating all these aspects in the first-class exhibition ‘Toasties Truffles Trains’.

Restored Plan D restaurant car

For this exhibition, the museum has restored a historic restaurant car from 1951 and brought together a number of other fine restaurant cars, including several from abroad. Together with never-before displayed items from the collection such as china, platform trucks, menus, photos and posters, ‘Toasties Truffles Trains’ is sure to engage all your senses.



  • daily until November 15th, 2020