Utrecht Photo Challenge


Dom Square
Domplein 10
3512 JC Utrecht
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Discover the beautiful city of Utrecht through the lens of a local, armed with the perfect urban explorer tools: a map and an instant camera.

The map will lead you to our favorite (hidden) gems throughout the city. For each location, you can score points by recreating our model picture as well as you can.

Make your team members strike a pose and use our instant camera to immortalize the moment. You’ll end up at the pub for a well-deserved drink.

A fun and challenging (Corona-proof!) outdoor activity to explore the city, both for locals and for those who are new to Utrecht. An original idea for family outings and as a teambuilding activity.


  • every Monday, Saturday and Sundayfrom 11:00 to 13:30
    from 14:30 to 17:00
  • every Thursday and Fridayfrom 17:00 to 19:30


  • from €19.99 to €24.99 (drink included)
  • The classic challenge: participants play the challenge with the group they signed up with. If other groups sign up, they’ll battle against each other. Here, the price depends on the size of your group: 6+ players: €19,99 per person, 5 players: €22,99 per person, 4 players: €23,99 per person, and 3 players = €24,99 per person.

    The private challenge: No other groups can sign up to your private challenge. From 8 to 20 players, €24,99 per person.