The Train Model Warehouse at the Railway Museum



Maliebaanstation 16
3581 XW Utrecht
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The Train Models Warehouse is a permanent exhibition of the unique collection of train models, which often belong to the museum collection for decades. There is not only attention for the models themselves, but also for the people behind the models. Shown are many unique model trains, from factory models and homebuilt locomotives to very old toys and rare collector's items. The warehouse brings this wonderful collection to life in a playful way.

The invention of the steam locomotive formed the starting point for a revolution in the field of transport at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The train thus appealed to the imagination that all possible railroad equipment was soon reconstructed. For example, around 1835, the first toy trains came onto the market and in the course of time a real toy industry developed. Professional locomotive builders and engineers also built small trains, for example with the aim of testing the shape and color of a new type.

Quite unique are the models made by hobbyists, who sacrificed all their free time to rebuild their favorite locomotive or carriage as realistically as possible. All these different types of train models are still beloved objects for collectors. What makes train models so fascinating? Discover it in the Train Models Warehouse and meet the people behind the models: the builders, inventors, owners and beginners.


  • €17.50