De Stijl bicycle route; Mondriaan meets Rietveld


Centraal Museum
Agnietenstraat 1
3512 XA Utrecht
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Ten statues are placed between Utrecht, the city of Gerrit Rietveld, and Amersfoort, the city of Piet Mondriaan. They mark the special bond between these two cities and are a lasting reminder of the celebration of 100 years art movement De Stijl (1917-2017). The artistic legacy of it can no longer be ignored.

Artist Boris Tellegen (1986) designed the sculptures, each over 6.5 meters high. They stand as striking totems in the landscape along this cycle route, connecting both cities with a rich creative history and future.

Visit the Cemtraal Museum and the Mondriaanhuis museum
As well as a quick link between Amersfoort and Utrecht, the cycle route is also conceived as a treasure hunt, along which cyclists can ‘collect’ the individual elements to assemble a meaningful whole. The sculptures are an enticement to cycle the whole route and thereby literally compass the entire composition. If you're hungry for more, follow the route to the Centraal Museum in Utrecht or the Mondriaanhuis in Amersfoort to dive deeper into De Stijl and to the manifold dimensions of artistic creation in general.

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