Afro Vibes Festival


Stadsschouwburg Utrecht en Tivolivredenburg
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The 16th edition of the Afro_Vibes Festival takes place this year at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht and TivoliVredenburg. The festival brings contemporary theater, dance, performances, music, film and design from urban cultural hotspots in Africa.

The festival looks at the entire African continent. In this 16th edition Afro_Vibes brings contemporary makers and artists from South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Uganda, Congo-Kinshasa and from The Netherlands. They show that we look at the world from different perspectives but that, despite the distance between Europe and Africa, we often have the same questions about who we are, who or what we want to be, what our identity is and why we act as we act.

For more information visit the website of the Afro Vibes Festival


  • from €10.00 to €19.00