Miracles all around us


Museum Catharijneconvent
Lange Nieuwstraat 38
3512 PH Utrecht
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Miracles are of every age,. every culture and every religion. They have played a part in everyday life since the beginning time, and have been inspiring artists for centuries. Depicting what takes place between heaven and earth makes the greatest demands on their powers of imagination. That challenge has given birth to the most stimulating and moving art. From Rembrandt to Mondrian and Abramovich, the museum has brought together a selection of the most beautiful and astonishing works from national and international collections.

Do you always believe your own eyes?

Amazing events are remarkable and unfathomable, and those are the very aspects that have challenged artists down the ages when depicting the story of a miracle. They bring it to life and make viewers re-examine their own convictions. Do you always believe your own eyes? Do you believe it when someone tells you a miraculous story? And how do you explain the miraculous things that you witness yourself?

Amazing points of view

The works of art not only enter into a dialogue with each other but also with stories of sensational miracles from different cultures, impressive objects of cultural history and inexplicable eyewitness reports. Scientists give their opinions about the phenomenon. The results of a national survey show how we view miracles these days. This creates a new context that makes us stop and think about the very phenomenon of miracles.