Maestro Van Wittel - Dutch Master of the Italian Cityscape


KAdE Art Centre
Eemplein 77
3812 EA Amersfoort
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Kunsthal KAdE and museum Flehite in Amersfoort present Maestro van Wittel – Dutch Master of the Italian Cityscape, an exhibition revolving around a Dutch master who was virtually unknown in Holland but became famous in Italy with his characteristic cityscapes. This exhibition is all about his work. You will be able to admire work from collections throughout Europe and discover his entire story.

Gaspare Vanvitelli
Caspar van Wittel (1653 – 1736) is also known as Gaspare Vanvitelli and famous primarily in Italy. While Van Wittel was born in Amersfoort, he left for Italy at the age of 20 and never returned. In Italy, he painted detailed views of cities like Rome, Naples and Venice and inspired other cityscape painters.
The Italian cityscape

Because Van Wittel never returned to Holland, many of his works can be found in Italian, English and Spanish collections. In Holland, only a few drawings and a single painting were on display, but in this exhibition you will be able to see works from around Europe and learn about his entire life. The exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE embraces some 45 paintings and 30 drawings by Van Wittel. More than 30 paintings and drawings from other Dutch and Italian masters are also on display. It is the perfect opportunity to discover how the inventor of the Italian cityscape worked and depicted Italian locations with his characteristic precision.

Simultaneously with the Kunsthal KAdE exhibition, an exhibition at Museum Flehite focuses on contemporary cityscapes and exactly reproduced photographs of Van Wittels city views, allowing you to compare the past and present. The photographer Hans Wilschut took on the task of following in Van Wittel’s footsteps and took photos of his well-known urban landscapes. Some places have almost not changed at all, while others look completely different. Visit both museums to discover the differences for yourself.

Kunsthal KAdE
Kunsthal KAdE is just outside Amersfoort’s city walls and offers exhibitions focusing on art, architecture, and design. Kunsthal KAdE does not own a permanent collection and always organizes temporary exhibitions. The exhibition on the Dutch master Van Wittel is an absolute must-see!

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  • €16.00 For the exhibition MAESTRO VAN WITTEL - Dutch master of the Italian cityscape € 3,50 extra is charged upon the standard entrance fees below with the exception of ICOM / AICA / press / Rembrandtkaart.