Tussen Hemel en Aarde, camping, utrecht
Tussen Hemel en Aarde

Between heaven and earth campsite.


Kanonsdijk 7
3737 MS Groenekan


'Happiness is homemade… and a little by us'
The internationally renowned festival for contemporary classical music and young composers offers a broad palette to music lovers.
At first sight, a human looks very different from a shark, a crocodile or a horse. And yet there are many similarities.
Ever see a biconic shape rolling up a slope? Or a piece of aluminium floating? These are possibilities at the Universiteitsmuseum (University Museum).
Country to Coast takes you on a visual journey through the Kimberley, a remote region in north-western Australia with a rich art tradition.
Many other automaton makers based themselves near Houdin’s studio in the Marais district of Paris. And … up until this day, great illusionists – such as Hans Klok - still find inspiration in his work. Come and see!
After Alicia Framis and Fernando Sánchez Castillo, the internationally acclaimed film- and video artist Fiona Tan accepted the invitation to develop new work for the Rabo Art Zone.
This exhibition on the top floor of the dick bruna huis allows kids to explore the way Miffy and her friends move and play along with them.
Fashion illustrator Piet Paris is guest curator for Centraal Museum. More than 150 items are selected by Piet Paris from the Centraal Museum collection and presented in a surprising manner: as scenes in a musical.  
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